Michelle Bachmann’s SotU Response

In which SNL just covered noted Crazy-maker Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s Tea Party State Of The Union response (how’s that for a string of uninterrupted capitalized words?).

I know I’m behind the times here, but I had no idea what they were mocking. I listened to the SotU and the Republican Response, but I didn’t know that “Tea Party HD” was showing her. For reference, here’s the original, with less comedy and more let’s-not-give-people-health-insurance:

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the SNL impersonation.

Crazy Things Seem Normal… Normal Things Seem Crazy

In which the venerable Chuck Klosterman writes an article for Esquire in 2005 about Val Kilmer , and the surreality of the man I still think of as Chris Knight . Klosterman is never dull to read and manages to write a genuinely fun celebrity piece, based around the fact that Val Kilmer is both genuinely nice and very, very weird.

Nathan requested it, you get it.

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