World Order in New York City

Genki Sudo is an overachiever: a kickboxer, Greco-Roman wrestler, and retired mixed-martial-arts star who was known for his splashy entrances and flashy moves. He’s also an accomplished actor, essayist, and calligrapher, and the leader of a pop group called World Order. And in this excellent music video, he’s taking New York by storm.


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1994: “What is the internet?”

2 minutes. This has been making the rounds recently; harken back to the days when “@” was a mysterious character.

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Michelle Bachmann’s SotU Response

In which SNL just covered noted Crazy-maker Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s Tea Party State Of The Union response (how’s that for a string of uninterrupted capitalized words?).

I know I’m behind the times here, but I had no idea what they were mocking. I listened to the SotU and the Republican Response, but I didn’t know that “Tea Party HD” was showing her. For reference, here’s the original, with less comedy and more let’s-not-give-people-health-insurance:

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the SNL impersonation.